Ms. Nikki Ng Mien Hua

Ms. Nikki Ng Mien Hua, aged 44, has been a Non-Executive Director since August 2023. She is also a Non-Executive Director of Sino Land Company Limited and Tsim Sha Tsui Properties Limited. Ms. Ng is a member of the Company’s Environmental, Social and Governance Steering Committee and Director of Philanthropy. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Yale University and a Master of Arts degree from the School of Oriental and African Studies, the University College of London. She is a member of the 12th, 13th and 14th Shanghai Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference. She is a member of the General Committee and the Chairman of the Retail & Tourism Committee of the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce. She is a non-official member of The Commission on Poverty and a member of its Community Care Fund Task Force and Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Fund Task Force, and a member of the Personal Data (Privacy) Advisory Committee. She is also a member of The Hospital Governing Committee, the Finance Sub-Committee and the Hospital Governing Committee Task Group on Enhancing Patient-Centric Services of Queen Elizabeth Hospital, a trustee of The Queen Elizabeth Hospital Charitable Trust, a member of the Board of Mind Mental Health Hong Kong Limited and an honorary advisor of The Hong Kong Mental Wellness Association. She also serves as a trustee member of Ocean Park Conservation Foundation, Hong Kong and The Society for Panda Conservation, a director of Tai Kwun Culture and Arts Company Limited, and a Director of The Community Chest of Hong Kong. Ms. Ng is a daughter of the Chairman of the Group Mr. Robert Ng Chee Siong and a sister of the Deputy Chairman of the Group Mr. Daryl Ng Win Kong, and a granddaughter of the late substantial shareholder of the Company Mr. Ng Teng Fong.