Two home-grown Sino Group (the ‘Group’) inventions, the CoolJet and Mobile Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Robot, were presented Gold Medals at the 2021 Special Edition of the Geneva International Exhibition of Inventions. About 600 inventions were presented by hundreds of exhibitors from 20 countries and regions at the exhibition which was held virtually this March.


The CoolJet received the champion award while the Mobile IAQ Robot was selected as one of the finalists at the 2019 inaugural Sinovation programme, the group-wide Sino Group innovation programme. It aims to encourage the origination of creative technology solutions to drive efficiency in daily operations and improve quality of life.


The CoolJet is a patented technology that was designed as a ‘wearable air conditioner’ for use in working environments where ventilation and high temperature are concerns. This innovative idea for double-layer apparel, fitted with a temperature modulating device comprising a thermoelectric cooler, air distribution system and cooling system, allows cool air to flow through the entire jacket between the layers while heat is dissipated into the surroundings.


The other Gold Medal recipient, the self-navigating Mobile IAQ Robot equipped with a proprietary dashboard and management system, serves as an indoor air quality detector and display for continuous inspection of up to nine IAQ parameters including fine suspended particles PM1, PM2.5 and PM10. It also allows real-time access to IAQ data on the robot’s screen and online dashboard to enable immediate implementation of remedial measures and improvements.


Sino Group sees innovation as the path to our future. We are dedicated to nurturing a culture of innovation within the Group, and took a step further to support the development of CoolJet concept for practical use. We care about the well-being of our frontline colleagues, and hope this CoolJet will contribute to an even safer and more comfortable working environment for all, particularly in the hot and humid climate of Hong Kong and Singapore,’ Mr Daryl Ng, Deputy Chairman of Sino Group remarks, ‘There are over 130 entries from Hong Kong this year, and we are honoured by the prestigious, international recognition and are pleased to see innovations from Hong Kong and the inventions of our colleagues featured in the international arena. These accolades are testament to the Group’s continuous commitment to supporting Hong Kong’s innovation ecosystem and growth into an international technology hub.’


First launched in June 2019, Sinovation aims to nurture an innovative culture within the Group. Over 130 innovations resulted from the inaugural programme. Funding was provided to shortlisted projects to help convert their concepts into functional prototypes. The second Sinovation programme launched just recently in March this year. The submissions are now under review and shortlisted ideas will be selected for proceeding to the ‘learn & grow’ stage.