Sino Inno Lab, a sandbox platform established by Sino Group to test out innovations and facilitate co-creations, has been honoured as one of the winners at the Global Most Innovative Knowledge Enterprise (MIKE) Award 2019 and Hong Kong MIKE Award 2019 in recognition of its contributions and  performance in knowledge management implementation and innovation.


The Global MIKE Award and Hong Kong MIKE Award recognise companies and organisations for their efforts in implementing good practices in knowledge and intellectual capital management. Assessed by an independent panel comprising industry experts and business executives, it is a globally acclaimed benchmark assessing best practices in knowledge management and innovation.  Sino Inno Lab has been named one of the six winners in Hong Kong, alongside 21 outstanding winners from eight countries and regions at the prestigious knowledge management awards.


Representing Sino Group at the presentation ceremony, Mr Andrew Young, Associate Director (Innovation) of Sino Group remarks, ‘We are delighted to receive the recognitions and would like to thank our partners and colleagues for their unwavering support. These awards attest to our commitment to supporting Hong Kong’s innovation ecosystem and growth into an international technology hub. We shall continue our efforts to connect technology companies, business partners and to facilitate co-creation.’


Mr Daryl Ng, Deputy Chairman of Sino Group, adds, ‘I would like to thank the team for their dedication and congratulate them on the recognitions. Hong Kong’s path to future is paved with technology and our capability to reimagine possibilities. At Sino, we are fostering an innovation culture and spurring new ideas to improve our services and offerings in addition to strengthening talent development to empower the youth as we build a better future together for Hong Kong.’


The Group has a team dedicated to harnessing technology and exploring business applications. In October 2018, the Group launched Sino Inno Lab to further the efforts.  Sino Inno Lab provides a sandbox platform for start-ups and technology companies to test out products and solutions, as well as forging partnerships between business partners and industry players. It also serves as a platform to promote an innovative culture and create a knowledge network.


Since its inception, Sino Inno Lab has showcased more than 70 inventions and technologies, facilitated over 40 adoptions and welcomed more than 4,800 visitors from business associates, trade organisations and the academia.


In a further effort to foster a culture of innovation, the Group launched Sinovation, a group-wide competition, in June 2019, to encourage innovative ideas from staff and to turn concepts into functional prototypes.  Winning entries include COOLJET, a jacket fitted with cool ventilation and invented by colleagues working at Sino Plaza and Pacific Plaza; a smart pump system that can monitor conditions of pumps and detect issues thanks to a colleague working at Regentville; and the introduction of electronic paper from the Sales Department. A Dr Temi robot is being piloted at Exchange Tower to provide personalised health checks for customers.