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Hong Kong Innovation Foundation is a non-profit-making organisation founded by the Ng Teng Fong Family in March 2018. It believes that innovation and technology are crucial in the economic and social development and the enhancement of competitiveness of Hong Kong. By engaging the youth in STEAM learning, the Foundation empowers students to unleash their potential in creativity. It also fosters innovation technology ambience in the society to prepare for talent development in the technology field.
The Foundation believes everyone can be creative. We help students expand their creative capacity by offering a friendly and inclusive learning environment to stimulate curiosity, sharpen logical thinking and develop creative problem-solving skills. The 2018 STEAM programme we offer includes ‘Crazy Circuit’, ‘Go Code’ and ‘Robot Maker’.
Go Code This programme offers four courses that teach the basics of Scratch and MIT App Inventor and their applications for use in a smartphone. The curriculum ranges from basic computer concept learning through to introduction to basic programming language (C++). In addition to training in logical thinking and developing problem-solving skills that apply to daily life, students develop a positive attitude towards the use of computers and the Internet.
Target participants: Primary 4-6 students

Go Code - Innovation & Technology Fun Day As part of the Go Code Programme, all Junior Course graduates are invited to visit the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation and experience science workshops to see innovation and technology research and development in action.

Crazy Circuit Workshop This programme is tailored for younger students. Each course cultivates creative design thinking by combining art and science in fun workshops that encourage individual expression using closed circuits.           
Students use mixed media materials to apply their sense of design and imagination to build their own artwork that becomes a closed circuit that lights up.
Target participants: Primary 3 students

Robot Maker The course enables students to understand mechanics, electronics and robotics through assembling robots. Participants are divided into groups to creatively design and build robots with different abilities. Coding software will be used to command robots to complete specific tasks.