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Hong Kong Gold Coast “Green Journey” Kicks Off

The First Green Upcycling Themed Room Ever in Hong Kong
Also introducing leading Environmental Measures to Facilitate Sustainable Development
With Green Farm, Solar Panels, Smart Water Dispenser and Seabin  

Mr. Robert Kaiwai, General Manager of Hong Kong Gold Coast (Hotel, Yacht Club, Residences and Piazza) officiated the launch ceremony of Hong Kong Gold Coast Green Journey today, announcing a comprehensive scale of environmental protection measures including the installation of solar panels, smart water dispensers and seabin. The most attractive of all is the creation of the first Green Upcycling Themed Room in Hong Kong at Hong Kong Gold Coast Hotel with the collaboration of various green partners. The green efforts also extend to the outdoors, with Gold Coast Farm, which is specially designed by Smiley Planet to promote environmental education and to encourage green living to the guests to support the sustainable development of Hong Kong.
'Hong Kong Gold Coast is committed to creating a better and greener life by cooperating with different sectors of the community. With a large-scale enhancement in hardware by the introduction of advanced technology, we are able to promote green living through different interesting experiences and activities. Each task may look small but if we work together, we could make a big step towards building up a better environment. ' remarked by Mr. Robert Kaiwai, General Manager of Hong Kong Gold Coast.
The First Green Upcycling Themed Room in Hong Kong
A groundbreaking green upcycling themed room was officially launched in Hong Kong Gold Coast Hotel to kick start a unique green journey incorporating art, energy saving, environmental protection and green experience. Various organisations such as 'Memories Factory', 'Roku Moku', 'madeinsample', '卓翹習勞' and 'Okapi studio' joined hands in co-creating this amazing green room. The room is full of surprises including handmade upcycling art pieces, such as a signature 3-string guitar made of tin container and recycled wood; an armchair made of wooden wine boxes, pallets and wine corks; sea wave wall decoration made of recycled plastic bottles; coffee table and chairs made of magazines and egg cartons and bed runners made with upcycling sample materials… The Green Room serves as a public platform to showcase the potential creativity and imagination for upcycling. The possibilities for eco-lifestyle and environmental conservation is endless.
Tree Hunt Game by The Jane Goodall Institute Hong Kong
Partnered with The Jane Goodall Institute Hong Kong, a self-guided "Tree Hunt Game' is offered to the green room guests inspiring them to explore the diverse species of commonly seen trees and birds in Hong Kong by following the guidelines in the booklet.
The First Hotel with a Green Organic Farm at the Doorstep
The Green Journey extends beyond the themed room with the Gold Coast Farm which is designed by Smiley Planet. By dividing the space into different zones, the farm grows different seasonal produce, which is only fertilized with organic fertilizers and compost.  Companion planting techniques and planting seasonal crops as pest control are adopted. The farm is always a nice highlight for our visitors, with different activities (e.g. identification of beneficial insects and pests) and upcycling workshops being rolled out on regular basis to promote eco-farming to guests.
Furthermore, Hong Kong Gold Coast Hotel spreads the green message to the community by cooperating with many schools and non-profit making organisations to allow students, grass-root families and urban dwellers to experience eco-farming. 
Installation of Smart Water Dispensers
To further reduce single-use plastic and save water resources, Hong Kong Gold Coast Hotel and Gold Coast Yacht and Country Club are installing smart water dispensers to replace the use of bottled water. The machine is developed by a local company 'Urban Spring’ and can be connected to the cloud to collect big data. The smart water dispenser is equipped with an interactive LCD screen to display information, including the number of bottles saved in real time, encouraging everyone to do more for our planet.
The First Hotel Joining the Renewable Energy Connection by CLP
A total of 68 pieces of solar panels have been installed, making Hong Kong Gold Coast Hotel the first hotel participating in the Renewable Energy Connection launched by the China Light and Power Company Limited. It is estimated that over 18,000 KWH can be produced per year (20.4KWH/hour). In addition, 256 pieces of solar panels have been installed on the rooftop of Gold Coast Piazza and 78,680 KWH electricity is expected to be generated per year. At the same time, Gold Coast Yacht and Country Club has also started the installation of 483 pieces of solar panels with target completion date by February 2019. 153,000 KWH is expected to be generated per year. With a total of more than 800 pieces of solar panels in Hong Kong Gold Coast, it is one of the largest installations in the commercial sector.

The First Club to Purchase Sea Rubbish Collection Device - Seabin in Gold Coast
Gold Coast Yacht and Country Club is one of the first leisure clubs in Hong Kong equipped with seabin. Seabin is a floating rubbish collection device that uses water pump to collect all floating pollutants and oils on the water surface. Around 1.5kg floating debris can be caught per day, including microplastics up to 2mm small.
An Environmentally-Friendly Culture Contributing to a Green Community
Gold Coast Residences is keen on promoting green culture in the community. A series of on-going practical measures such as glass bottle/clothes recycling programmes, collection of used books, red packets and moon cake boxes for donation to non-governmental organizations. Eco-Farm and 'Kids' Fun Farm" are developed for residents to get hands-on experience in eco-farming. Harvested produce will be donated to charitable organisations to spread the joy and blessings. Kids workshops are regularly organized to promote a green and caring life.
Proudly presented by Hong Kong Gold Coast, the 'Hong Kong Gold Coast Green Journey' invites everyone to join hands and build a greener and better community by adopting environmentally-friendly schemes and measures.  Together we can make a difference.

About Hong Kong Gold Coast and Hong Kong Gold Coast Hotel
Located at the waterfront of Castle Peak Bay, Hong Kong Gold Coast is an easily accessible yet idyllic seaside destination merely 30 minutes' drive from the hustles and bustles of the city and the airport featuring a resort hotel, a premier private yacht and country club, a superb collection of luxury seaview apartments and villas, and an exciting outdoor shopping mall.
As part of the destination, Hong Kong Gold Coast Hotel is a beautiful beach resort offering tranquil tropical gardens with direct access to Golden Beach, providing the perfect setting for a dream wedding, a relaxing family holiday, a romantic getaway or corporate team-building events. Our 453 rooms and suites, including ten kid-themed rooms, feature views of the sea or the marina of neighbouring Gold Coast Yacht Country Club, offering a holiday indulgence in Nature. Leisure. Pleasure. as they enjoy the serene setting and genuine warmth of our service.

About Sino Hotels
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Sino Hotels collectively refers to hotels owned and / or managed under Sino Group. It encompasses over 3,600 guestrooms and suites in ten hotels across Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia. The growing portfolio in Hong Kong includes The Royal Pacific Hotel & Towers, City Garden Hotel, Hong Kong Gold Coast Hotel, Island Pacific Hotel, The Pottinger Hong Kong and The Olympian Hong Kong. Sino Hotels also owns and operates the exclusive Gold Coast Yacht & Country Club in Hong Kong.
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A committed corporate citizen, Sino Group has been actively participating in community services and green activities as well as art and culture events over the years. The Group focuses corporate social responsibility efforts on four areas: Sino Care, Sino Green, Sino Art and Sino Heritage. Sino Land Company Limited (083) has been a constituent member of the Hang Seng Corporate Sustainability Index Series since September 2012 for its continual efforts in promoting sustainability.