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Sino Group Announces Plastic Awareness Efforts and Pledges to Reduce Single-use Plastic Consumption by 50% by 2022
In recognition of the genuine need to tackle the environmental impact brought about by plastic waste, Sino Group announces today a group-wide Plastic Awareness Campaign, and pledges to reduce consumption of single-use plastic across all business lines of the Group by 50% by 2022 from 2017 level.
Sino Group’s Plastic Awareness Campaign gains wide support from the government and respected green partners.  Mrs Vicki Kwok, JP, Deputy Director of the Environmental Protection Department; Mr Edwin Lau, MH, Founder and Executive Director of The Green Earth; Ms Yolanda Choy, Co-founder of Eco Drive; Mr William Lin, Director of Development of the Business Environment Council; Mr Willy Kwong, Executive Director of the Jane Goodall Institute Hong Kong and Ms Jo Ruxton, film producer of the acclaimed documentary, A Plastic Ocean, officiated the Kick-off Ceremony of the Plastic Awareness Campaign.
‘Plastic has brought unrivalled convenience to our lives.  We recognise its merits, more importantly, we urge proper use, recycling and responsible disposal.  At Sino, sustainability is integral to our business and operations.  In addition to the Sustainability Committee, which has been driving sustainability efforts for the Group, we have set up a Steering Committee to formulate strategies and concrete steps on plastic reduction across the board,’ remarks Mr Daryl Ng, JP, Deputy Chairman, Sino Group.
Mr Sunny Yeung, Executive Director who presides over the Group’s Sustainability Committee, echoes the importance of sustainability and plastic reduction.  ‘The key to tackling the environmental impact lies in reducing the use of plastic, proper use to extend the shelf life, recycling or upcycling materials and harnessing technology such as making plastic biodegradable, and we need to do these together with like-minded partners.  We are confident of achieving the target through concerted efforts across all business lines,’ says Mr Yeung.  Sino Group has gained tangible results through collective efforts.

Projects in Action

The Group strives to reduce use of plastic where possible.  In January 2017, Sino Hotels signed up to ‘Green Bottle Charter’ organised by The Green Earth, and adopted best practices (i.e. to minimise the provision of plastic bottled water at Hotels’ conference and meeting rooms; as well as to replace small bathroom amenities with refillable dispensers) to reduce use of plastic.
Below is a table listing initiatives being worked on.



Adopt best practices to reduce one-off use of plastic

Replaced small bathroom amenities with refillable dispensers in Hotels’ standard rooms (since May 2016)
Replaced plastic bottled water in Hotels’ conference and meeting rooms with glass water jugs (since April 2017)
Studying alternatives to plastic drinking straws and stirring rods
Water dispensers have been provided at 65 clubhouses.
In June 2015, Sino Hotels adopted and implemented guidelines on Green Gift Hamper or Basket Packaging Design to encourage suppliers to reduce excessive packaging and replace with biodegradable gift-wrapping film and eco-friendly materials.
Use eco-friendly or fully biodegradable materials

Switched to biodegradable umbrella bags.  At mid-2017, Sino Malls started switching to biodegradable umbrella bags; the efforts will continue to be rolled out to different malls
Sino Hotels plan to switch to biodegradable or eco-friendly alternatives packaging material containers and cutleries at hotels’ restaurants and F&B outlets by 2019

Collected plastic waste is sent to an accredited factory, where it will be further sorted, cleaned, shredded into small pieces to be used as raw materials for plastic

‘It is important to make these steps, however small, to raise awareness and encourage developing viable, out-of-the-box solutions together.  The efforts we announce today hold special meaning as we welcome the Earth Day on 22 April.  We are delighted that we are joined by like-minded green partners today.  We shall continue to study appropriate materials, methods and innovations and share challenges and how we overcame.  I look forward to doing our humble part and partnering with stakeholders to contribute to a more sustainable future,’ concludes Mr Ng.

About Sino Group

Sino Group is one of the leading property developers in Hong Kong with core business in developing residential, office, industrial and retail properties for sale and investment.  The Group is also a major player in hotel investment and management, club management, property management, car park operations as well as environmental and security services. With a team of over 10,000 dedicated professionals, Sino Group strives to consistently deliver quality properties and services that surpass the expectations of customers.
As a committed corporate citizen, Sino Group has been actively participating in community services and green activities as well as art and culture events over the years.  The Group focuses corporate social responsibility efforts on four areas: Sino Care, Sino Green, Sino Art and Sino Heritage. Sino Land Company Limited (083) has been a constituent member of the Hang Seng Corporate Sustainability Index Series since September 2012 for its continual efforts in promoting sustainability.