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Josiah Chen
Senior Officer, Sales & Marketing - China
Looking for a career in the real estate industry? This is the place to go.
The Management Trainee program of Sino Group is a great platform for fresh graduates to kick-start their career. If you are highly motivated, passionate about the real estate business and would like to take on various challenges, I would highly recommend this program to you.  
With Sino Group’s extensive business portfolio and expertise, I have the opportunity to gain knowledge by involving in the group’s different projects such as the residential sales of “Commune Modern”, HK retail leasing and Olympian City property management. More importantly, with the help of my mentors and supervisors, I was able to gain a better understanding of my career path and the operation of different departments.
As part of the Management Trainee program, we also participated in a wide variety of CSR events to enhance our interpersonal and event management skills. Through the Sino Care program, management trainees could give back to society by joining volunteering and fund-raising activities. The program shows how important individual and corporate engagement is for community services.
Being a management trainee could be overwhelming at some times, but it builds up character and strengthens the foundation of your career development. I am truly thankful for the help and support provided by my mentors and MT buddies along the way.
So what are you waiting for? A new challenge is here for you. Hope to have you joining us in the future!
Josiah Chen