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As one of the largest property developers in Hong Kong and Asia, we are looking for high-caliber candidates to join our Corporate Management Trainee Programme to become our future leaders.
The 20-month programme provides our Management Trainee with the opportunity to develop the skills and professional expertise to solve complex problems, manage projects, build people network and meet the continuous challenges in the real estate and property development industry. Upon completion of the programme, you will be able to acquire a comprehensive understanding and gain work experience in different aspects of property development and management.

Programme Overview

The programme is 20 months in duration and each Management Trainee will:
  • Rotate through major business functions for on-the-job training
  • Go through a customized training curriculum in specific business, management and personal development areas
  • Receive coaching from a senior executive for ongoing professional and personal career guidance
  • Develop his/her potential and capability by undertaking various projects and delivering regular presentations/recommendations to the management

Programme Structure


Entry Requirements

  • University graduate from a local or overseas university with less than 2 years’ working experience
  • Genuine interest to build a career in the real estate and property development industry
  • Strong business acumen with exceptional analytical skill
  • A drive to succeed and courage to challenge the status quo
  • Enjoy working with people with outstanding interpersonal and communication skills
  • Self-motivated fast learner, persistent and with strong confidence

Our Offer

  • Attractive salary package
  • Other staff benefits include:
    • Medical benefits
    • Paid annual leave
    • Examination leave
    • Education sponsorship
    • Discounts on Sino Hotels’ accommodation, food and beverage and festive products

Recruitment Schedule


Application & Enquiries

Application for 2019 Corporate Management Trainee Programme has been closed. Should you have any enquiries, please feel free to contact us at hrdmt@sino.com.

For more information, please follow us on Facebook @SinoManagementTrainee.

Our Sharing

In-scheme Management Trainee
Graduated Management Trainee
  • Management Trainee
    Gleaming lights, weather-controlled environment, destination for weekends… All these are common impression on shopping malls in the “Shopping Paradise”. Also being dubbed as the “Concrete Jungle”, residential and commercial skyscrapers mushroom in the city, flourishing like flowers in the bush and competing with each other to be the spotlight. Real Estate has always fascinated me, as it is something that immersed into my life. Thus, I have decided to join this field after my graduation... (Read More)
    Jacky Kong
  • Management Trainee
    Every fresh graduate can recall that complicated state of mind throughout the job-hunting process – sometimes passionate and ambitious, sometimes lost and frustrated. I am grateful that I eventually made it to Sino’s Corporate Management Trainee Programme to kick-start my career.
    Sino has a well-structured MT Programme that allows us to rotate among Sales & Marketing, Leasing and Property Management in 20 months... (Read More)
    Dorothy Ng
  • Management Trainee
    Before I embarked my journey as a Management Trainee in Sino Group, I pondered on different opportunities for my first career. I majored in surveying in university and most of my classmates chose the path to become a professional surveyor after graduation. For me, however, I seek for a career which could provide me holistic exposure to the real estate industry instead of a conventional and relatively stable role in the professional field... (Read More)
    Annabel Tong
  • Management Trainee
    It is always my wish to work in a company that could provide me with a lot of learning opportunities in different areas with support. And I would say that Sino Group fits my ideal work expectation. 
    Having joined the Group for a few months, I have already been able to participate in different projects such as handling operations in Retail, Marketing and Promotions and assisting senior executives in preparing Townhall presentation... (Read More)
    Jayce Lai
  • Manager, Leasing Department
    Fresh graduates lack experience. Luckily, Sino Group provides us with numerous opportunities to learn and grow. In the Corporate Management Trainee Program of Sino Group, we are able to work in different major departments, including Property Management, Leasing, Marketing... (Read More)
    Ginny Au
  • Manager, Sales Department
    The Management Trainee Programme has surely exposed me to tremendous career opportunities. Looking back, it is even more fruitful than what I have expected at the beginning.

    My first attachment with Corporate Communications Department of SPS has widened my horizon getting to know how a corporate creates synergy internally and how it builds up public image externally... (Read More)
    Gigi Poon
  • Senior Officer, Sales Department
    The real estate industry is filled with an array of exposures. The past year has been very rewarding as I was able to obtain hands-on experience in various departments which provides me with all-rounded development opportunities. The working in three different business units has allowed me to gain various skillsets...  (Read More)
    Clara Law
  • Senior Officer, Sales Department
    Most people have high expectation on their first job and Sino Management Trainee programme definitely exceeds the expectation of mine. Over the past year, I have been attached to different departments with a view to familiarize with the structure of a multi-billion dollar real estate business. It is no less fruitful than any other experiences I have ever had. The job rotations allow me to extend my business network and polish my soft skills, which are essential to my career development... (Read More)
    Paul Gee
  • Senior Officer, Leasing Department
    Sino Group‘s Management Trainee Programme is a twenty-month well-structured programme inclusive of attachment in three major departments including Sales and Marketing, Property Management and Leasing. The attachment is highly inspiring as you can get to know much about the daily operation of the core business.  Simultaneously, you will understand more about yourself and your career interest taking personality and skill set into consideration... (Read More)
    David Wang
  • Manager, Leasing Department
    Do you love buffet dining? I used to enjoy trying different cuisines in hotels and restaurants but did not realize there is another kind of “buffet” in real working life until I graduated and joined the Sino Group Management Trainee Programme.

    Participating in one of the largest sales launches on Hong Kong Island over the past decade, starting a new operation system from scratch, reviewing the Group’s performance in specific areas... (Read More)
    Chariam Cheung
  • Manager, Leasing Department
    Sino Corporate Management Trainee Programme is a well-structured one which provides extensive exposure to different business units of the Group. My first attachment was in Office Leasing. Under the portfolio of my team, there are two award-winning skyscrapers, Skyline Tower and Exchange Tower. During my stay, I got the chance to understand the fundamentals of leasing activities... (Read More)
    Eric Chu
  • Senior Officer, Sales Department
    First experience is always unforgettable and thought-provoking. Our first graduate job not only signifies our turning from studentship into working class, it also shapes our work modes, affects our skills of dealing with people and communication/presentation style. Therefore, as the old saying goes, a good start is halfway to success. I am glad to have my first graduate job in Sino where I can contribute to, learn and grow in my ideal career field... (Read More)
    Elaine Chan
  • Senior Officer, Leasing Department
    My fruitful Corporate Management Trainee Programme started with the Retail Marketing and Promotions team. I was assigned to projects on leasing websites and shopping mall mobile apps. The experience has built up my project management skills and enhanced my communication skills through working with internal and external parties.
    MT special assignments and attachment presentations have broadened my horizons and allowed me to share my thoughts and suggestions to executive team and colleagues.... (Read More)
    Jessica Mok
  • Manager, Sino Security Services Limited
    We grow beyond our limits.
    Corporate Management Trainee Programme is perfect for those who enjoy embracing changes and accepting challenges. In my first year, I was gracefully given chances to have rotation in the Hong Kong Gold Coast Residential Leasing team and Sino Security respectively, during which I participated in the Digitalization Project as well as sales of Park Metropolitan and The Avenue... (Read More)
    Rex Ho
  • Senior Officer, Leasing Department
    To begin your work life journey, you would probably look for a job which could provide dynamic working experience.  While you are thinking about your life goal, have you also considered what your career aspiration is? I once asked myself this question and I found the answer through Sino Group’s Management Trainee Programme... (Read More)
    Kas Yip
  • Senior Officer, Leasing Department
    The well-designed programme is a great platform for fresh graduates to explore their interest and develop a career in the real estate industry.

    We attended many training workshops to acquire knowledge and skills preparing us to become future business leaders. 
    Along your development journey, you will have guidance from mentors and supervisors, and support from other Management Trainee buddies... (Read More)
    Kelvin Leung
  • Assistant Manager, Sales Department
    'Excited', 'Surprised' and 'Pleasant' – these words precisely describe my feelings when I received Sino’s offer, as I eventually fulfilled my commitment to begin my career in the property industry. In retrospect, I was very interested in joining the property industry and so eager to work for a property developer that I even resigned from my trainee program in Bank of China in order to wholeheartedly engage myself in the job hunting process... (Read More)
    Leonardo Lau
  • Senior Officer, Leasing Department
    Like many other graduates, I was overwhelmed and stressed when it came to career decision last year. Most of us dream of a job that offers all rounded exposure, a wide spectrum of training and a supportive working environment. Joining Sino is definitely the right choice that enriches my knowledge and broadens my horizons... (Read More)
    Tiffany Yuen
  • Senior Officer, Sales Department
    I am truly honoured to be able to join the family of Sino Group right after graduation. Through the Management Trainee Programme, I have acquired deeper knowledge about the property industry and have achieved personal growth.
    Sino Group’s Corporate Management Trainee Programme is a comprehensive platform for career development. In the past year, I have the chance to work in Best Result Environmental Services Limited and Group Marketing & Corporate Communications Department... (Read More)
    Tiffany Chan
  • Assistant Manager, Leasing Department
    Few years ago, I was still a University student preparing for different job interviews. After then, I became one of the Sino management trainees, accumulating a lot of interesting learning experience. We could rotate to 3 different departments during Sino Management Trainee Program, so that we could better understand the property industry and develop our network... (Read More)
    William Choi
  • Assistant Manager, Sales Department
    I am very proud to be one of the corporate management trainees of Sino Group because of the comprehensive training that I have received, the important responsibilities that I have taken, and the talented people whom I have been working with. After I joined Sino, we, all 2014 management trainees, have been through several special projects and have been united as a family with lots of joy and fun... (Read More)
    Louis Deng
  • Assistant Manager (Leasing Marketing & Promotions), Leasing Department
    After I joined Sino as a management trainee, I was assigned to Office Leasing Team as my first attachment where I was given opportunities to participate in tenancy negotiations. I am now currently attached to the Property Management Department at Hong Kong Gold Coast. And I was pleased to be given a chance to plan as well as to organize the year-round clubhouse activities for our residents... (Read More)
    Heidi Ma
  • Senior Officer, Sales Department
    I’m so honored to be one of the 2015 Management Trainees of Sino Group. The well-structured program provides a good platform for fresh graduates to develop their career in real estate industry. During the whole programme, I gained a lot from the three attachments. I had my first attachment with Property Management in Pacific Paradise, a residential project offering five-star customer service. ... (Read More)

    Sukki Wu
  • Assistant Manager, Leasing Department
    Job hunting is always a challenging and unpredictable yet critical-for-life process. Hard work becomes meaningful when you know you are pursuing your dream job. I am so joyful and honored to be one of the 2015 Management Trainees.

    With hands-on experience, I have acquired a holistic view on the operations of different departments and how each department contributes to the Group... (Read More)
    Carol Leung
  • Senior Officer, Sales & Marketing - China
    Looking for a career in the real estate industry? This is the place to go.
    The Management Trainee program of Sino Group is a great platform for fresh graduates to kick-start their career. If you are highly motivated, passionate about the real estate business and would like to take on various challenges, I would highly recommend this program to you... (Read More)

    Josiah Chen
  • Assistant Manager, Sino Parking Services Limited
    Sino Group Corporate Management Trainee Programme has brought me a fruitful start for my career. During the programme, I have the opportunity to be placed in Retail Leasing Team, Customer Relationship Department and Sino Parking Services Limited involving in work of diversified nature... (Read More)

    Anna Chan
  • Assistant Manager, Leasing Department
    ‘Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get’ As a Management Trainee, the enriching journey at Sino Group is exactly like a box of chocolates. I guarantee you that the journey is full of surprises and fascinating experience... (Read More)

    Mary Tso