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City Garden Hotel’s Chinese restaurant YUÈ introduces a Cantonese Chilli Feast for Fall and Winter Indulge in innovative Cantonese cuisine with chillies from around the world.
City Garden Hotel’s Michelin awarded Chinese restaurant YUÈ, will launch a novel Cantonese Chilli Menu specially created by Executive Chef Lai Ching Shing starting from 9 October.
To welcome the autumn and winter seasons, Chef Lai has once again unleashed his creativity and invented a series of exquisite spicy dishes using a fine selection of chilli peppers sourced from South America, Spain and the Caribbean islands, while preserving the art of traditional Cantonese cooking method. The heat level varies among appetisers, main dishes and desserts, and is available in all ranges, from mild to hot. This combination is sure to satisfy guests with different sensitivity and palates.
Chilli pepper was introduced to China during the late Ming and early Qing dynasties, with Sichuan, Hunan and Fujian cuisines being famous for their spicy flavours amongst the eight Chinese regional cuisines. Whereas, traditional Cantonese cuisine focuses on enhancing the taste of freshness. Thus, it is comparatively light in flavours, and chillies are only rarely found.
Recognised as one of the Master Chefs by The Chinese Culinary Institute, award-winning Chef Lai has an extensive experience working in some of the city’s best Cantonese restaurants, making him an exemplar of fine Cantonese cookery. He seizes every opportunity to incorporate different ingredients in a creative way, while at the same time, adhering to the principles of Cantonese cuisine. In this inventive menu, Chef Lai has pushed the boundaries a little and drawn up some truly imaginative dishes with various types of chilli peppers, featuring a variety of exciting flavours and levels of spiciness that stimulate guests’ taste buds while demonstrating the diversity and richness of Cantonese cuisine.
The Chilli Feast kicks off with a mild spicy dish, ‘Lobster Terrine with Manzano Chilli Pepper Jelly’ (HK$168 for 4 pieces), to prepare guests’ palates for the hotter dishes that follow. This refreshing terrine uses Red Manzano Chilli Pepper originated from the Andes Mountains in South America. With a hint of fruitiness, it offers an extraordinary taste when the bright crisp chilli flavour is matched with the flavourful lobster jelly.
Drawing inspiration from the popular local delicacy, ‘Fried Three Treasures’, the ‘Smoked Rainforest Chillies Stuffed with Minced Prawn” (HK$138 for 8 pieces) are pan-fried until golden brown with contrasting textures and offer a moderate heat level. Made with Brazilian Rainforest Chillies, this addictive dish is served in a smoke-filled glass dome that helps to enhance the natural flavours of the chillies and when lifted, it comes the colourful and delicious treats as a lovely fragrance of smoked hickory wafts off.
‘Fried Chicken with Orange and Yellow Cayenne Chilli Peppers in Clay Pot’ (HK$260) is the perfect dish for sharing in the gatherings amongst family and friends. YUÈ’s version of this hearty pot is cooked with Cayenne Peppers originated from French Guiana, and crispy yet juicy fried chicken strips. The flavour is further elevated with the use of white garlic, bean paste and basil which aid to bring out an enticing aroma and irresistible appearance.
Another highlight of the savouries is the ‘Steamed Cod Fish in Rice Paper and Topped with Yellow Scotch Bonnet Chilli Pepper Paste’ ($280 for 4 pieces). Incorporating traditional Cantonese cooking techniques and Western ingredients, this delicacy offers an advanced level of spiciness. Rice papers are used to imitate gauze curtains, a cooking approach originating from classic Cantonese dishes in the '80s, which are originally made of stewed bamboo fungus with a clear gravy on top. Chef Lai chooses to steam the cod after wrapping it in rice papers to amplify the base flavours, enrich the texture, and lock in the moisture, fragrance, and fat of the fish. This eye-pleasing dish is embellished further by topping it with his homemade paste made with Yellow Scotch Bonnet Chilli Pepper found mainly in the Caribbean islands, offering diners a delicate and unforgettable taste.
The deliciously appetising ‘Braised Pork Belly Topped with Red Spanish Piquillo Chilli Pepper’ (HK$185) is served with a huge red pepper on top of the succulent melt-in-your-mouth pork belly. Despite an extravagant presentation, this dish is actually delightfully mild and sweet in taste which suites guests of all ages.
Ingenuity can also be seen in the dessert, ‘Yuan Yang Peppers’ (HK$58 for 4 pieces). These peppers are cleverly made of glutinous rice flour mixed with chilli powder, and filled with mildly spiced lotus seed paste and egg custard. Thus, it is sweet on the palate, yet hot and savoury in taste with a kick at the end. ‘Sweetened Soup with Osmanthus Wine and Spicy Glutinous Rice Balls’ (HK$58 per person) is a pleasant surprise to round off the gourmet voyage. It is a clear sweet soup with an aromatic and mellow fragrance by look and smell but the hot sensation will slowly pop out when the guests chew the rice balls.
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